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Rafeed provides the best and newest technology in LED lighting, and consultancy services with the application process for all Rafeed products, creativity and honesty lead to unique wide-range products and give freedom of choice for the client.

We are proud to have pioneered the application of LED technology in the industry. Our expertise has grown from there - today we offer next-generation lighting solutions and other visual products using LED's. As scientists believe that LED lighting has the potential to reduce lighting energy use in the world by one-fourth. With the promise of being more than ten times as efficient as incandescent lighting, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) will change the way we light our homes and business. We believe LED lighting has the potential to revolutionize the lighting market through the introduction of highly energy-efficient, longer-lasting, versatile light sources.
Our pioneer brand, which starred through the past years with its reliable products, with its real guarantee up to 5 years. Indeed, it’s now the most famous LED brand in the Arab world and the Middle East.
Our factory offers many types of LED lighting fixtures, such as LED Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Spotlights, Downlights, Surface, Commercial lights, Strips light, Floodlights, Street lights, LED Controllers, Power supply, Smart lighting devices, Electric accessories, LED giant screens, and other items.
Our Sales Network: During the last years of success, ATC expanded its sales network to include many countries in the Arab World and we could get the best distributors in many countries, such as Lebanon, KSA, Jordan, Iraq, and UAE. We have an aim to increase our dealer's list and conquer new countries around the world with our products range and technology.