Hotel Manager | مدير فندق

Posted about 2 years ago by Julia Dumna
Location Damascus Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Administration, Hospitality & Catering
Duties and responsibilities:
  • Assisting overseeing and managing all on site activities at hotel properties, including scope development, identifying and managing designers, as well as consultants, and contractors.
  • Project management including research of equipment, materials, supplies and methods, sourcing and negotiating qualified Supplier or contractors' bids, reviewing contracts, and quality control during all stages of the project.
  • Develop long and short range plans for the operation of the campus. Ensure the plans, once approved, are properly executed. Ensure operational standards are communicated, trained, and maintained
  • Assist and coordinate timely budget and forecasts regarding, but not limited to business levels, financial requirements, personnel needs and organization plans needed to support the resort operations
  • Must speak FLUENT English and Spanish REQUIRED
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision REQUIRED
  • Highly organized with strong analytic skills REQUIRED
  • Excellent computer skills (incl. Microsoft Excel in a business environment) and ability to learn new programs/systems quickly REQUIRED
  • Excellent attitude and a strong work ethic REQUIRED
  • Ability to work under pressure and on deadline REQUIRED
  • Valid, Current Passport REQUIRED
  • College degree Preferred
  • Commitment to Excellence: Identifies what needs to be completed and takes action to achieve a standard of excellence beyond job expectations
  • Corporate Values: Understand, embraces, and integrates corporate values into everyday duties and responsibilities
  • Safety and Security: Promotes a safe work environment for co-workers and customers.
  • Guest Service: Identifies and responds to current and future client needs by providing excellent service to internal and external customers
  • Teamwork: Resourceful team player that builds, strengthens, and maintains collaborative relationships with others inside and outside the organization
  • Leadership: Maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high performance standards and goals
  • Communication Skills: Listens, writes, and speaks effectively, and positively relates and interacts with co-workers and others
  • Decision Making: Makes choices or reaches conclusions by establishing objectives, gathering relevant information, identifying alternatives, setting criteria for the decision, and selecting the best option
  • Planning and Organizing: Systematically develops plans, prioritizes, organizes and manages resources in order to accomplish business goals within a specific time period

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