Human Resources and Business Operation Manager

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Location Syria Job Type Permanent
Salary 400000 - 500000 Sector Operations, Accountancy, Administration, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing

Our company is seeking a dedicated HR and Business Operations Manager to add to our highly collaborative team. You will work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven role to hone in on customers’ needs and find innovative ways to expand the conversation around all subjects our company focuses on.

Human Resources and Business Operation Manager

As HR and Business Operations Manager, you will work to ensure the smooth operation of our projects. Manage employees and navigate the workflow and assign tasks to employees on various subjects. You will be working directly with the company management and report to and receive commands directly from the company manager. Duties also include but are not limited to constantly researching the market to expand the business destinations and services.

-Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
-Ability to produce content in detail.
-Understand social media policies and manage the design production to comply with the social media platforms advertising policy.


Salary will be determined by experience.

-Knowledge of social media policies. IF NOT, must complete Facebook Blueprint Certificate within one week after being hired.
Please contact by email only. This job application is to be submitted online. resume/photos or examples of past work you have completed (if available).

Job Type: Remote / Full-time


• Bachelors degree in Business Management.

• Work Location: Online – Remote


•Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

•2+ years experience in project management.

•Solid project management skills with demonstrated understanding of project management business.

•Must have advanced written and spoken English language skills. Able to communicate clearly and responsively.

•Excellent command of grammar

•Self-driven and motivated to manage the team and projects.

•Strong communication skills.

•Experience in client relations, client management, and consulting.

•Willingness to incorporate feedback from the other team members in a workshop or one-on-one setting

•Exhibits knowledge and curiosity around Social media and online articles and web content.

•Meticulous attention to detail

•Interest and focus on analytics

•Able to work independently with minimal or no supervision.

•Understanding of technical requirements for various project types

•Incredibly adaptable to change and resourceful in dealing with obstacles that may arise

•Excels under strict deadlines

•High degree of ownership on all projects

•Willing to take on additional responsibilities

•Pre-employment Police record/ Background Check required. (Must have a clean criminal record)

•Must be 26 years old or older.



•Ability to effectively distribute tasks with team members.

•Ability to manage the team to meet project deadlines.

•Manage employee attendance on a daily basis.

•Make decisions regarding employee leaves and make sure that projects are not disrupted.

•Notify employees with salary payments.

•Notify job applicants with updates, request information, accept applications, and reject applications.

• Must have a competent computer and access to fast internet.

•Understand proper material usage and limitations in projects for web design and branding and social media Ad design and post design.

•Finishing all tasks on time and as directed.

•Monitor Social Media accounts and follow up with clients if assigned.

•Conducting research and creating reports if assigned.

•You will work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven role to hone in on customers’ needs and find innovative ways to expand the conversation around web design and the services provided in our company. In addition to any project assigned.

•You will be responsible for creating harmony between team members to achieve success in any assigned project.

•Duties also include writing email samples to communicate with customers, employees, and other companies.


• Paid Course and online education if necessary to advance your skills.

• Paid time off (Terms Apply)

All applications will be accepted directly on our website.

The salary for this position will be 400000 - 500000 Syrian Lira per month. The salary will be determined upon successful interview. Other financial, educational,  paid vacation leave, and paid sick leave benefits may apply.

Successful candidates will be scheduled for an online interview with our hiring manager. 

*Click on the application link:
1- Read the job description.
2- Complete the assigned task.
3- Create an account.
4- Start the job application. (You will submit the task with your job application)

We wish you the best of luck in this process.

Best regards

Human Resources Team

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