Human Resources Manager | مدير موارد بشرية

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Location Damascus Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Human Resources
  • Develop the strategy and objectives of the Human Resources Department in the long and short terms regarding the expansion and number of specialties.
  • Develop the company’s org chart and job descriptions and Ensure that new employees are received their on-the-job training by the department concerned.
  • Develop the Manpower plan of human resources necessary to achieve the objectives of Aura.
  • Approve the objectives of the functions and the basic performance indicators in coordination with concerned departments’ managers in order to contribute to the effective evaluation process.
  • Identify sources of employment, interview all positions and monitor the progress of the recruitment process as per the approved recruitment policy. 6. Develop the job offers and compensations for each job position and develop the salary scale structure and related and Ensure that new employees are received their on-the-job training by the department concerned
  • Ensure the effective implementation of the contract process with new and current employees according to the general human resources policy.
  • Approve the payment check of the Social Insurance Institution’s financial claim received from the HR Specialist.
  • Set the technical conditions for the health insurance contract and coordinating with the Purchasing Manager and make the final decision in this regard with the approval of the Executive Issue the official memoranda and circulars of the Human Resources Department. 
  • Manage the training and development process and employees’ training courses through:
             a. Developing the annual training plan, training needs and approve the authorized training centers.
             b. Review and approve the evaluation results of the training process. 
             c. Develop the career path for each job position to ensure the career development of employees. 
  • Manage and control of the resignations received by the Human Resources Department and ensure the completion of end of service interviews for all positions and termination cases or the existence of an employee problem requires intervention
  • Conduct, evaluate and approve internal transfer staff interviews.
  • Studying the complaints report, report of the individual and group initiatives, suggestions of the staff sent by the human resources specialist, and making the recommendations related to addressing them.
  • Monitor the employees' compliance with HR policies and Aura policies and take appropriate action when there are any irregularities in implementation.
  • Develop and manage the process of measuring the employees’ performance and company as a whole and approve the improvement plans in coordination with the concerned managers.
  • Ensure the effective management of the company's vehicles efficiently and efficiently and control the expenses related to maintenance and fuel in accordance with the policy of human resources and the objectives of the company's departments
  • Ensure the provision of effective human resources services from cleaning and buffet to serve the company objectives and enhances the loyalty of employees.
  • Ensure the availability and updating of the comprehensive staff database of all personal information, contracting information and functional information as the primary reference for the Human Resources Dept.
  • 4-5 years of experience in a related field.
  • Bachelor's degree in business administration(Hr specialization is preferred).


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