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Location Damascus Job Type Contract
Salary Sector IT
  • Managing and maintaining the network, as well as network performance monitoring
  • Overseeing user access to the network
  • Developing a backup/disaster recovery plan for a network emergency
  • Planning network infrastructure for new applications and services
  • Training network staff to provide support to end-users
  • Purchasing and maintaining networking equipment and infrastructure
  • Managing and maintaining the VOIP service infrastructure for end-users
  • Work closely with departmental managers to determine future network needs and plan for network changes.
  • Develop methods and tools to be used to test and implement new LAN / WAN equipment.
  • Create projects that are designed to either add functionality required by the company or to address ongoing network failure issues.
  • Engage in regular network troubleshooting activities and resolve network connectivity issues.
  • Analyze the current network structure and submit reports to the executive team on how to make the network more efficient.
  • Performs analysis of network needs and contributions to the design of network architecture, integration, and installation.
  • Maintains network hardware and software, including, peripherals, network nodes, terminals, and wiring.
  • Evaluates network hardware and software requirements and capabilities and makes recommendations.
  • Establishes budgetary requirements for equipment replacement.
  • Establishes and controls systems access and security.
  • Monitors and maintains network stability collects and analyzes network and memory utilization, and installs and tests software upgrades.
  • Coordinates third-party maintenance for network hardware, software, and telecommunications services.
  • Develops or establishes strong relationships with service providers.
  • Negotiates and contracts with consultants, technical personnel, and vendors for services and products.
  • Preparations and maintains documentation of network configurations and cabling layouts.
  • Survey new locations and factories for the network and low voltage infrastructure.
  • Create BOQ for low voltage requirements for new projects.
  • Discuss the technical proposals submitted by the suppliers regarding the implementation of the new projects
  • Study and implementation of low voltage infrastructure (network - surveillance - PBX system - attendance system) for new projects.

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