procurement coordinator

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Location Damascus Governorate Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Logistics

The responsibilities of the Procurement Coordinator include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Market and showcase the company products and services to current and potential customers in a professional manner and respond to all inquiries submitted by customers. Collect and catalog all data related to the products and services provided by the company in a detail.
2. Managing purchase requests (POs) from the GM and soliciting quotations from external and local suppliers, and following up on all commercial correspondences, including the follow ups on all aspects related to the completion of purchases and receipt of the goods.
3. Conducting market research both online and on the field (including local market trips). Assisting in the preparation of all inquiries, including purchase of tangible products or service requests; and following on the purchase processes in all its details, in addition to securing and assessing quotations (by comparative source studies) and choosing the most appropriate price and quality according to the specifications required in the purchase requisition.
4. Preparing and maintaining records, price lists and quotations submitted by suppliers
5. Assisting in the preparation of reports related to purchasing operations weekly/monthly as requested
6. Negotiating with suppliers


1. The applicant must have a university degree preferably in English literature.
2. Minimum of 2 years work experience in the same field of work.
3. Excellent in English (Reading, Speaking, and Writing)
4. Excellent email writing skill
5. Advanced level in using Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint


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