Public Relation Manager

Posted over 2 years ago by Julia Dumna
Location Damascus Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Hospitality & Catering

A Hotel PR Executive will perform specific duties related to the hotel industry. The primary responsibility of the public relations executive is to plan and execute annual public relations and marketing activities to support the business objectives of the hotel. The primary aim of a hotel PR officer is to increase market share and media coverage.

A hotel PR executive will promote brand awareness on the national and local levels by communicating through various media and introducing new advertising and promotional plans. A hotel PR executive also manages internal communications and marketing budgets. The major responsibilities of a hotel PR executive also include coordinating with media to provide them with required information, assisting in media planning, and ensuring proper media placement. A hotel PR professional will also work with the hotel's website development team to post press releases, articles, and other marketing information on the website.

An aspiring hotel PR executive should have at least 1-2 years of experience in the hospitality industry or a similar amount of experience with a PR agency. Strong communication skills and computer proficiency are typically required. A bachelor's degree in public relations or journalism is preferred.

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