Student Life Coordinator

Posted over 1 year ago by The International School of Choueifat
Location Damascus Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Education
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Experience in dealing with students
  • Excellent English accent
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work with a team
Responsibilities / JD:
  • Effectively oversees the SLO® and all activities within the Student Life (SL) Departments; effectively recruits, builds and maintains the SLO® team; ensures successful coordination and cooperation within and among the departments of the SLO®
  • Inspires all students to join the SLO®, to be active within the school community, and to continuously improve themselves, the system and the school environment; contributes actively to the balanced and comprehensive development of the students into responsible, world-class citizens
  • Ensures proper training of all student prefects, effectively teaching prefects to develop academic, managerial, and leadership skills; teaches, advises and supports all prefects to assume responsibility confidently and communicate effectively; ensures that the upper level prefects are in a position to teach, advise, support and motivate the prefects under their responsibility; ensures the prefects have the required tools to succeed in their tasks; guides and motivates prefects to help meet the administrative needs of the school
  • Coordinates closely with the School Department (AQCs) and Heads of Department (HODs) to ensure that the SLO contributes effectively to the academic success of the school; guides and motivates prefects to help meet the academic needs of the school; ensures the SLO® empowers and motivates all students to contribute to raising academic standards; ensures that the appropriate staff member is scheduled to conduct advising classes on specific dates required
  • Coordinates closely with the Behavioral department to ensure that the SLO® contributes effectively to ensure the highest level of discipline at the school
  • Reports regularly to the School Director and the SABIS® Corporate Director for Student Life and Student Management about the school’s SL performance, challenges and achievements; recommends action as needed; ensures that the SLO® is running according to the principles and guidelines set by SABIS®; requests support as needed
  • Performing such other related tasks or projects as they arise and as delegated by the SABIS® management.

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